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A freak bull I harvested on the Mescalero Reservation.

Mescalero Reservation Elk Hunt


Back in September, I had the opportunity to hunt a management/non-typical bull on the Mescalero Reservation. The reservation is located...

Set of Browning hunting gear with Kenetrek boots.

Getting In Hunting Gear


Over the weekend, I was trying to beat the heat by staying inside. Summer is in full force here in...

Two men holding hunting rifles enter the African brush.

Tracking Cape Buffalo in Africa


Guest Post by Jason Vincent of Sporting Classics Magazine John Hill was frozen in his tracks. The deadly herd had picked...

Sunset in the Colorado wilderness.

Colorado Journey


Life is a journey, and my journey recently brought us out to a hunt with Browning’s Matt Bangerter in Colorado....

A picture of a wild bull that scored 98 from Talley Manufacturing president Gary Turner's hunting trip to Australia

A Proper Wild Bull


I left at the end of May for a business trip to Australia. I flew to Sydney to link up...