Steel Base for Remington Model 788 (1 Piece Steel Base)



Made in America, Talley Manufacturing’s Remington Model 788 steel base for the iconic Talley scope rings, offering a unique solution with a classic look for your vintage model 788.  This mounting system provides quite possibly the industry’s strongest mounting system your Remington 788 able to withstand the harshest hunting environments.  Fully CNC machined from high grade steel and hand finished, this 788 scope base mount is manufactured to the industries tightest tolerances and is protected with a classic “Blued Finish” to match the rifles of yesterday.


With over 40 years of setting the industry standard for superior quality, Talley Scope Mounts have become known for precise tolerances. American craftsmanship, state-of-the-art CNC automation and stringent quality controls have vaulted Talley products to the top of the scope ring industry. Talley Scope Mount systems provide repeatability, strength, and durability for the most discriminating of sportsmen.  Simply said, Talley Scope Mounts are the best.


  • American Made, high grade Steel Scope base
  • Fully CNC Machined
  • Hand Finished
  • Manufactured from High grade American Steel
  • Hand Finished and Blued
  • Designed to fit Remington Model 788 (Click here for all Remington Options)
  • Available in long and Short Action


Remington 788 Scope Base – Product Dimensions and Weights


Action Base Height Hole2 1 ↔ 2 Hole 2 ↔ 3 Weight Overall Length
Short  .200″ 3.01″ .860″ 2.0oz 4.923
Long  .200″ 3.30″ .860″ 2.0oz 5.213″


1 The height is measured from the top of the action/ receiver to the bed where the scope ring mounts

2  Hole spacing measured center to center.


  • Hole 1 to hole 2 spacing: 3.01″ inches (76.45mm)
  • Hole2 to hole 3 spacing: .860 inches (21.844mm)
  • Includes mounting screws and wrench. (6-48 Screws / T-15)


Is my Remington Model 788 considered Long or Short Action?

We have found the standard rules of thumb in determining action length of Model 788 varies in some cases from the traditional designations of Long action and Short action.  Below is a table of what we commonly regarding the Model 788 Chambering/ Calibers and Action Lengths in

Long Action Short Action
.308 .222
.243 .223
7mm-08 22-250
6mm Rem 30-30


***The rare .44 Mag is considered a Super Short Action

Not sure if you have a long or short action? Please feel free to contact our technical support team for guidance on your Remington 788 Scope Mount. 803-854-5700


Torque Recommendations?

  • Scope Mounts to Action: Torque can depend on the receiver. Please check with the rifle manufacturer (Remington) to verify allowable torque into receiver. Always make sure your torque wrench is calibrated, Talley Mfg is not responsible for damage caused to scopes or firearms due to over torquing.



  • Although not always necessary, using Loctite for the screws going in the receiver is perfectly fine. We do not recommend using anything stronger than Loctite Blue 242. We do not recommend using Loctite on the ring screws. Always test fit before applying any Loctite.

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