Savage Flat Back Picatinny Rail


Action Length: Currently available in Long and Medium Action only.


Made in America, Talley Manufacturing’s Savage Flat Back Picatinny Rails are machined entirely from high grade 7000 series alloy and protected with a hard-coat anodizing to 65 Rockwell ensuring the craftsmanship of these Picatinny rails last the lifetime of your firearm. These Savage Flat Back Picatinny Rails are all designed and manufactured with precision to fit your firearm with the industry’s tightest manufacturing tolerances.  These Pic Rails provide a mounting platform for all optics mounts that have been designed in accordance with the MIL-STD-1913 Pic Rail specifications, to include all Talley Picatinny scope mounts.


Whether you are looking for a tactical scope ring, a modern sporting ring or our traditional scope ring with a Picatinny mounting system, Talley MFG has Pic Rails for all applications and firearms enthusiast.


  • American Made, Lightweight 7000 series Aluminum Alloy
  • Fully CNC Machined
  • Hard-coat anodizing to 65 Rockwell
  • Designed in accordance with the MIL-STD-1913 Pic Rail specifications
  • Only available in long action / 0 and 20MOA.
  • Includes mounting screws and wrench. (1/4 6-48 Screws / T-15)
  • Designed to fit older style Savage Flat Back Rifles rifles.
  • Click here for all Savage mounting solutions


What is the proper mount and screws for my Savage Centerfire Rifle?

Not sure what Savage Rifle or screws size you have?  Use the link below for guidance on determining what Savage centerfire rifle you may have and what screw size you have. How To Find The Right Bases For A Savage Centerfire Rifle


Savage Flat Back Picatinny Rail  – Product Dimensions and Weights


Action / MOA Rear Height1 Hole2 1 ↔ 2 Hole 2 ↔ 3 Hole 3 ↔ 4 Front Height3 Overall Length Weight
Long Action / Standard .574″ .860″ 4.63″ .860″ .444″ 7.39″ 2.6oz.
Long Action / 20MOA .574″ .860″ 4.63″ .860″ .408″ 7.39″ 2.6oz.
Medium Action / Standard .574″ .860″ 4.09″ .860″ .444″ 6.81″ 2.4oz.
Medium Action / 20MOA .574″ .860″ 4.09″ .860″ .409″ 6.81″ 2.4oz.
Short Action / Standard .574″ .860″ 3.93″ .860″ .444″ 6.56″ 2.2oz.
Short Action / 20MOA .574″ .860″ 3.93″ .860″ .408″ 6.56″ 2.2oz.


1 The Rear height is measured at hole 1; from the top of the action to the top of the rail.

2 Hole 1 is closest to the shooter and hole 4 is closest to the muzzle. Hole spacing measured center to center.

3 The Front Height is measured at hole 4; from the top of the action to the top of the rail.


Torque Recommendations?

  • Savage Flat Back Picatinny Rail to Action: Torque can depend on the receiver. Please check with the rifle manufacturer (Savage)  to verify allowable torque into receiver. Always make sure your torque wrench is calibrated, Talley Mfg is not responsible for damage caused to scopes or firearms due to over torquing


Should I use Loctite when mounting my Savage Flat Back Picatinny Rail?

  • Although not always necessary, using Loctite for the screws going in the receiver is perfectly fine. We do not recommend using anything stronger than Loctite Blue 242. We do not recommend using Loctite on the ring screws. Always test fit before applying any Loctite.



The Talley Guarantee: At Talley Manufacturing, we place our customers first. All our products carry a money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, we make sure you will be. We want you to know you’ve just purchased the best.

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