Evolved 30mm Scope Rings for Today’s Shooter

Not long after inception, 30mm Scope Rings quickly rose to the top as the favored size for scopes. Weather guided by myths or misconceptions, these scopes grew in popularity. One of the unquestionable benefits of this larger scope is the increased range of adjustments.

With the proper scope mounting system, we can shoot further the days when only a single tube diameter was available. The proper combination optics and optics mount can let us reach new distances.  When the shots are going out beyond 700  yards, a 20MOA set of 30MM scope mounts may be more beneficial. These 30MM Scope Rings with 20 minutes of angle built in saves the adjustment in your scope allowing you to reach out further without the cost of the even larger 34mm Scope mounts. Available in a variety of options, Talley has a 30mm ring mount for most firearms models.

The most popular option has become the precision lightweight alloy scope mounts. All of these mounts are available in silver and the standard matte black anodizing. Certain models are available in gloss, dark earth, tungsten grey and even the hells canyon burnt bronze used by Browning on their X-bolt series rifles. These are available in low to high heights and in some cases extra low and extra high. In most cases these larger mounts can accommodate up to a 56mm objective.

For those that prefer the picatinny rail mounting option, Talley offers lightweight modern sporting rings, quick detach steel rings, tactical rings for AR platforms and a one piece picatinny rail mount.

For the traditionalist, Talley’s steel mount scope base and steel 30mm rings may be what you are looking for. The strongest and most refined of Talley’s collection are our  Color Case Hardened finished mounts. If color case doesn’t match up to your setup, these rings are available in gloss, satin, matte black and stainless steel.

If you are a gunsmith looking to use these steel rings, we also offer “blank bases”. These bases are flat and without holes so that they can be customized to any firearm and receive Talley 30mm Scope Rings.

30mm Scope Mounts

Regardless of your rifle and scope configuration, Talley can help get you the correct mounting system the first time. Not sure of what you need or what type of system may be best for you, please feel free to reach out to Talley’s Technical Support Team.

If you firearm is unique and you are unable to find what you are looking for our the website, please contact our sales support team. In many cases we are able to match up a combination of base mounts to provide the optimal mounting solution.

With over 40 years of setting the industry standard for superior quality, Talley Scope Rings have become known for precise tolerances. American craftsmanship, state-of-the-art CNC automation and stringent quality controls have vaulted Talley products to the top of the scope ring industry. Talley Scope Ring systems provide repeatability, flexibility, strength, and durability for the most discriminating of sportsmen. Simply said, Talley Scope Rings are the best.

100% American Made in South Carolina

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