Brown Trout and Browning Territory

Just a few days ago, I had the opportunity to meet with one of our partners, Browning Arms Company. For those of you that don’t know, Browning is located in Morgan, Utah. Morgan and the surrounding area are some of the most beautiful countryside in America. I always enjoy this trip. It allows me to spend some time with the guys at Browning/Winchester.

Utah countryside

Browning is an iconic company. The history behind the brand is amazing. I bet John M. Browning and brother would be amazed at modern day Browning Arms.


The major perk of going to visit Browning is that I get to hang out with my friends at Park City Flyfishing Guides. This year was exceptional! Layne and Travis took a few of us to a secret location. They blindfolded us and drove for hours. (Not really but..) They told us this special stretch of river was brown trout territory. They were spot on!

Fishing for native trout is a favorite for me.  I could tell you how many fish we caught, but you wouldn’t believe me if I did. It was an epic day on the water. We even had a first fish caught on a flyrod. There were a few break offs and fish that spit the hooks back at us.

Brown Trout

Two brown trout for me were very memorable. The first was a long fight on a 4 lb fish. He tried to run me into some structure two times, and I had to put more pressure on him than I wanted to. It was an incredible fight and landing. It drew fist bumps from the guides.

The other was a brown trout that I named “Break Off”. Once again, this fish ran for structure and for swift water. I fought him for about five minutes, and we finally netted him. He had two other fly rigs broken off on him. One broken in the dorsal fin and the other in a pectoral fin. We removed all of the hooks and turned him back to fight again.

During my trip to visit Browning, we visited with old friends and made a couple of new ones.  With all that is going on in the world, take someone hunting or fishing. The outdoors is a place to leave all of the world’s problems behind and relax.

Two Brown Trout