Mescalero Reservation Elk Hunt

Back in September, I had the opportunity to hunt a management/non-typical bull on the Mescalero Reservation. The reservation is located in south-central New Mexico. It’s right next door to Ruidoso. The Native Americans that live here are Mescalero Apache. As they say on their website

The Mescalero were essentially nomadic hunters and warriors, dwelling at one place for a temporary time in brush shelter known as a “Wicki up”; short rounded dwellings made of twigs or teepees made of elk hides and buffalo hides. The Mescalero roamed freely throughout the Southwest including Texas, Arizona, Chihuahua, México and Sonora, México.

Today, three sub-tribes, Mescalero, Lipan and Chiricahua, make up the Mescalero Apache Tribe. We live on this reservation of 463,000 acres of what once was the heartland of our people’s aboriginal homelands.

Tribe’s Website

The land here is beautiful. The elk are plentiful. It’s amazing to sit in your hotel room at night and hear them bugle. The hunting conditions were tough, and it was very hot and dry, but I did manage to harvest this old freak bull.

A freak bull I harvested on the Mescalero Reservation.

I feel blessed to have been able to travel a bit during 2020, and I’m looking forward to a new year with more adventures. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a joyful and safe holiday with your loved ones.

Happy Hunting,