Changing Plans and a Fishing Trip

I had a newsletter keyed up to run last week. It was about a bear hunt in North Carolina, but I decided to pull it until a later date. I’m sure your inbox looks a lot like mine. Full of companies’ reactions and plans for the problems the world is facing now. I didn’t want that hunt to get lost in the barrage of emails, so I will run it at a later date.

Getting information to do the newsletter has been difficult lately. I planned to cover our trade shows and a shooting school and another international hunt. Most of these trips have been cancelled or postponed.

Talley's booth being set up for a trade show.

We did get to go to Dallas Safari Club and SHOT Show. The rest of the year is up in the air. Hopefully this is over sooner rather than later.

Talley booth finished and ready for visitors.

We are still open and shipping products. We remain committed to our customers and to our employees. Thank you for purchasing our American-made products.

A peaceful body of water with woods in view.

I decided to go fishing a couple of days ago to clear my head. Fishing was slow, but the trip was needed. I couldn’t help but reflect on all of my time in the field. I am so grateful to the people that took the time to show me how to hunt and fish. Way too many to name!

There is a comfort in knowing that you can provide food for your family. Not just food, but healthy, organic food. Please share your knowledge of the outdoors with someone after this passes so that they can also provide the same way we do for their family.

Elk backstrap, skillet potatoes, and baked zucchini on a plate.

Thank you for supporting us.