Hunting Mouflon Sheep in Patagonia

On a recent trip to Argentina, I had the opportunity to hunt mouflon sheep with my longtime friend Dean Capuano. Dean is the Public Relations Manager for Swarovski Optik North America.

We made the journey to Patagonia to hunt at the world-renowned ranch, Parque Diana. Parque Diana is one of the oldest hunting ranches in South America. They have around 85,000 hectares of hunting land. The scenery and mountains there are spectacular. Parque Diana is an absolute must-visit destination. 

The pictures and videos tell the story best. I cannot describe the beauty of Patagonia in words!

We were on the hunt for mouflon sheep. This species of sheep keeps their horns year-round, allowing for a great hunt at any time of the year! This hunt was being filmed for Optik Quests and Dean had his production crew from Sub7 in tow.

The Sub7 production crew is a crazy band of brothers! They will keep you on your toes. Believe me.

The hunt for both animals lasted a few days. I would love to report that this was a difficult hunt, but that wouldn’t be true. Hunting animals in herds has its challenges, but this hunt was simply about patience. When there are big numbers of eyes watching, patience is king. After several failed stalks, one was my fault: I found the largest pine cone in South America and stepped right on top of it. After that, everything landed in our favor. Success! Dean and I both got great animals, and the television show was complete.