Annual Talley Antelope Hunt on the T-55 Ranch

After kicking off our Wyoming trip with a great dove hunt, it was time to get down to business on the T-55 Ranch. This year we teamed up with HS Precision from Rapid City, SD, Hornady from Grand Island, NE, and Kalhes from Cranston, RI. The T-55 Ranch is one of my most favorite places to hunt. The Tillard family has owned this ranch since the 80s. This is a working cattle and sheep ranch. They also have an active game management program in place. It’s located just north of Glenrock, WY, in the heart of Antelope and deer country. The ranch has mule deer, whitetail, antelope, and, on the very northern boundary, elk. It’s a truly amazing place to hunt.

HS Precision brought a number of rifles. We had a number of different caliber guns to choose from. They brought 300PRC, 6.5PRC, Creedmoor, and 6 Creedmore guns. Hornady provided all the ammunition.

The hunt started off great! Two antelope on Monday, one on Tuesday, and the final two on Wednesday.

We took a break from hunting on Tuesday to do a little long distance shooting. Casey and Marty Tillard had some life-sized animal targets cut out of steel. There was a coyote and a bighorn sheep. We placed the coyote at 1100 yards and the sheep at 1875 yards. The wind was less than cooperative. In fact, it was blowing at 25mph. Everyone did get an impact on both targets.

I also had a whitetail permit for the area, so we attempted a few deer hunts. We passed a lot of the time just sitting and watching. I did get to use the new EL O-Range binos from Swarovski. We saw a number of young bucks, but we couldn’t find a shooter. The weather held until Thursday. The temperature went from 73 on Wednesday to 13 on Thursday. It was so COLD! We left Thursday afternoon and drove to Denver and caught a flight home. Now, I’m looking forward to next year’s hunt at the T-55.

It was great to see old friends and get to know some new ones better. Casey’s wife Cody did not disappoint with her hosting. She always finds the time to bake her Grandmother’s gingersnap cookies. They are nothing short of amazing.