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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Is PayPal the only way that I can order off the website?
While PayPal is the company we use to process payment, having an account with them is not required in place an order on the site. When you go to checkout, you will be redirected to PayPal where you can either login to your account or use a credit/debit card. Example pictured below.

  • Can I lap Talley mounts?
We do not recommend lapping any of our mounts. Since they are machined, it really eliminates the need to do so. Since the lightweight mounts are horizontally split, you can lap if you would like.
We highly advise against lapping our steel rings. Since they are a vertically split ring, lapping can knock them out of round.
Our Picatinny rings, although horizontal split, do not need lapped either. They are a match grade ring and are perfectly round when they come off the machine.
Note: If you lap any Talley rings, it will void any return policy since the mounts have been modified.
  • Do you recommend the use of Loctite or thread locker?
Using Loctite for the screws going in the receiver is perfectly fine. We recommend using Loctite Blue 242.
  • Where does Talley measure their rings from?
On our lightweight rings, we measure from the top of the receiver to where the bottom of the scope will rest.Steel rings are measured from the top of the base where the ring sits to the bottom of the scope tube. Bases are measured from the top of the receiver to where the ring will sit. Our Picatinny rings are measured from the top of the rail to centerline of the scope.
  • What are your torque recommendations?
Lightweight rings: 17-20 in/lb on ring screws.
Steel fixed rings: 30 in/lb bottom screw, 20 in/lb top screw.
Steel screw lock detachable and quick release ring: 6-48 bottom screws 30 in/lb, 10-32 screw 35 in/lb, top screws 20 in/lb.
Picatinny rings: 20 in/lb on ring, 65 in/lb on locking nut.
Base screw torque can depend on the receiver. Please check with the rifle manufacturer or call us for recommended torque.
Always make sure your torque wrench is calibrated, Talley Mfg is not responsible for damage caused to scopes due to over torquing.
  • What is your return/warranty policy?
If you have purchased your mounts directly through Talley Mfg, Inc you can return your mounts for exchange or full refund as long as the mounts have not been modified. If you purchased your mounts through a retailer, we ask that you go directly through them first. If your retailer cannot accommodate your request, we can exchange mounts, but cannot process refunds for products not purchased directly. All Talley Mfg products carry a lifetime warranty under normal wear and tear. If we see that there have been modifications or abuse, we reserve the right to refuse returns.
  • What is the best way to install levers on my quick detachable rings?
 When installing, tighten the lever to the base. If the lever does not tighten where desired, take a pencil and mark on the screw head where the lever is. Unscrew the lever then push the lever off the screw and put it to the position desired. Retighten and it should go exactly where needed.
  • Where are Talley Mfg rings manufactured?
All Talley products are machined from start to finish in the USA at our plant in Santee, SC.
  • My package came with multiple screw lengths for the bases, which screws go where?
The easiest way to figure out what the proper screw orientation is to drop the screws through the base before you install them on the rifle. When the screws are protruding through the base evenly, you have achieved the proper orientation.
  • My steel rings have different numbers, what does that mean?
Before we finish our steel rings we number each one so that when we finish, we can match their identical halves back up again. This being said, it does not matter which goes on front or back but you do want to keep the numbers matched together. The letter on the bottom signifies what height the rings is, for example in the image below are high rings.

  • Orders are processed in the order they are received and expedited shipping orders, such as  Express shipping, are elevated in priority to meet the delivery deadline. ... Orders placed are usually processed and shipped within 2~6 business days from the time the order is placed. No orders will be shipped on Saturday or Sunday. Orders are shipped via Priority Mail or UPS
  • Interested in a position at Talley Manufacturing, Inc. email your resume to talley@talleyrings.com.  


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